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Big Tech innovators, Gig Economy, and Blockchain/Crypto enthusiasts hoped that loose regulations, massive institutional investment, and new versions of cryptocurrencies like NFT’s would create a dominating form of money.

Those same people also hoped Scale delivered through Gamers would spread, disrupting legacy financial and legal processes. However, disruption occurred, like Ripple disrupting SWIFT. 

For decades, SWIFT had a monopoly on transferring money internationally and claimed nothing could be done to speed up the time or lower the cost.  Ripple appeared and within days SWIFT said, “Oh, wait, we found a way to lower costs and speed up transfers.”

That was a great win. So was the IBM Maersk shipping DLT. There is one fact that prevents so many coins from being a store-of-value, constantly rising, and favorite asset. All the players, coins, vaults, and exchanges to date were only creating “systems” and never a full global “Dynamic.”  

The “truth” that the industry does not want widely known is that only a “Dynamic” controls all the variables.

Crypto-Integrity-Tao working in tandem with Creativity First Films will deliver the first “Dynamic” that will result in the highest profit disruption model:

The “Sustained Global Disruption Advantage”. To discover, benefit financially, and play in this arena, you’d need to hire the founder as a consultant or attend the live event for a solid understanding of this breakthrough Dynamic.

First, you need three prime examples of a successful Dynamic to fathom the potential a Dynamic delivers: a watch, the traditional banking industry, and the Internet as a whole. 

An exploded view of a fine watch shows how all the gears and pieces cannot deliver anything of value alone, yet achieve something magnificent when the final product is complete as a Patek Philippe.

This results in a Dynamic use of your time, which gives you an advantage over someone unable to manage time productively.

In the banking systems, the actual holding, investing, and transferring of money in all nations must interface with regulations, politics, commodities, and debt to form the Dynamic that builds cities and delivers education and wealth.

Emails are just one piece of the internet that deliver incredible advantages to old-school communication, yet it is just a system within the Dynamic of the entire Internet.

Each of the above examples merged “systems” over long periods of time and therefore at the start were unaware they are creating a Dynamic or an “Organism-Environment”.

We need to engineer this Dynamic for Blockchain assets that elevate the select few such as your company in its specific industry. Now is the time – we need this evolution for brand Integrity for all arenas within the Blockchain.

If your company has plans to innovate, invest, or create anything related to Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, you at least have to understand how to create your own Dynamic.

Fragments of the highest potential of Blockchain and crypto concepts will be hijacked by Big Tech in Silicon Valley, and their goal works against yours to be one of the few global dominant leaders.

To make it even better, the headquarters will be in Switzerland with no U.S.A. tax and regulation obligations. An exchange, alliance, NFT platform, cryptocurrency, smart contract, ICO, and all the rest are systems, not dynamics.

Neither the “Original Content”, regulations, collateral, or the actual usefulness of the innovations make them “secure” investments.

The biggest names don’t have a single example of a completed dynamic that integrates both the front end of assembly of raw materials through to the reliable products delivering ROI on the back end.

And, very important to recognize, is that they do not solve the problems of a society within humanity: 99% of all Blockchain innovations seek to only solve problems for the arena.

This means these companies and Coins are all islands that may have a few essential bridges – but none of them have ALL the bridges within their own system.

Therefore, they are always at the mercy of other aspects in the global tech and investment Dynamics already set up.  We also need a bridge to moral society and usefulness which is found in the same place for centuries: the power of story to build Integrity. 

There are two integral parts required for the Dynamic to survive and dominate its field

Vertical Business ModelThe “Buffett Moat Rule”

A Vertical Business Model contains all that investors and innovators need to deliver a “Product” of high ROI, and there is no need to include major outside companies that demand a large share of profits or want to control innovation.

In a Vertical Business Model, the investors and original innovators have the power to control the environment and dictate Patents and uses. 

Crypto-Integrity-Tao spent 5 years creating its Vertical Business Model.  And the Founder/consultant can lead you to your own Dynamic or into his.

If you are launching, integrate his knowledge; if you already run a major crypto-related company, his consulting will accelerate your success and make your services, network, or token more dependable.

“The Buffet Moat Rule” is loose jargon for one of Warren Buffet’s main criteria in any business he invests in:  the business must be surrounded by ring after ring of protective “Moats.”

Examples of Moats are: located where taxes are best, the product is first and uniquely necessary, the company can pivot to outflank competition, all raw materials are within our control, it easily passes regulatory inspections, society embraces it, it can innovate faster than competition to ensure long ROI, it is protected from most lawsuits.

Crypto-Integrity-Tao with Creativity First Films has all the Moats protecting its Vertical Business Model. DLT will ensure honest accounting for investors.

The films and series already have proven track records for high ROI and already pass regulations, and will be headquartered in the best regulatory and taxation locations.

Creativity First Films already acquired the raw materials for all future games, NFT’s, tokens, coins, and Metaverses, and interfaces with all macro factors to create the first true Dynamic to rule in ROI in this investment class.

The Founder of both companies; Scott Morgan, spent 5 years collecting the highest level of analysis that leaves the entire Blockchain industry years behind him.

He acquired and created the actual I.P. Products that deliver established collateral and ROI for decades.

He creates the future, replacing hype that gives power to their impotent systems with a Dynamic that all competition will eventually have to copy or use in their innovations like Metaverses.

This makes his Interoperable Token for games (his future coin and security) superior, and it will be the first to have collateral proving its value: royalties from Games, Metaverses, and real-world innovations.

Morgan also acquired all the films and series needed to establish the Next Gen of Hollywood Studios in what he called “The Uber-izing of Hollywood.” 

He is the only Studio CEO with the Blockchain knowledge to deliver this, and once this hits the finance world, they’ll see it integrates into one fantastic model.

The combination of established game and app ROI streams with fantastic crypto and edge tech potential ROI streams gives your token or coin-proven collateral valuation.

Drive your company to incredible profits and Brand power with the first Dynamic of Blockchain by hiring Morgan as a Consultant.

Morgan is recognized as a rare and true “Thought Leader”. Through his countless interviews with Tier 1 financial and entertainment Earned Interviews in Forbes, Newsweek, and many more that recognize his breakthroughs and superior analysis. 

Hiring Morgan as a consultant gives you the first opportunity positions for what will be the greatest technology investment for 2022. 

You’ll know the future is built upon a durable business model with an underlying asset that expands at a rate faster than a new Coin or Token can skyrocket in value. 

Get the first position and earn a place in the only Dynamic in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency world through Crypto-Integrity-Tao and its Sustained Global Disruption Advantage. 

Consulting can be done over a long distance or in person, guiding your company to a dominating, secure position through analysis, S.G.D.A., PowerPoints, and a study of your game plan for profits.

Starting from as low as $1,500 per week, your knowledge grows exponentially from the first day.  There truly is no other consulting on this level, or event that breaks through the barriers holding back Cryptocurrency investments, regulations, and innovation.

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