The Science DAO aims to achieve open-source scientific publishing



The Science DAO has recognised the problem within the scientific publishing ecosystem, and the project intends to solve this via open-source publishing.

The Science DAO has revealed its ambitious project. The team identified some of the problems associated with the current way scientists publish their papers and get them peer-reviewed. 

According to the team, the scientific publishing process has evolved over the years, and in the wake of recent technological advancements and expansion of the internet, it is now dominated by digital media. However, the publishing process still involves challenges that negatively affect the market.

The Science DAO explained that the peer review system is an indispensable part of scientific publication that requires a significant amount of time due to the immense work and coordination involved between the different parties. 

Peer review is not only tricky but also unrewarding work. Some authors resent giving free labor to profit-seeking firms, which means it can be hard to get enough of the right reviewers.

The Science DAO wants to solve some of the problems within the scientific publishing ecosystem. The project provides a platform for scientists to connect with the public and venture into unexplored avenues for ideas, funding, and support. 

According to the team, the problem will solve the problems via Decentralised Science (DeSci). 

DeSci is building the scientific toolset to onboard Web2 academia into the digital world. Built on the open science movement, this technology enables scientists to raise funding, share data, distribute insights, and do much more. The team said;

“Through DeSci, the Science DAO wants to help scientific communities worldwide flourish by utilising decentralised technology. The idea is to revolutionise the transfer of ideas, information, data, methodology, contacts, and resources. 

Through this kind of science sharing, researchers and investors will be connected with altruistic individuals and organisations actively looking to support science for the greater benefit of the public. This direct access may even help researchers generate new ideas.”

Founded by  CEO Joey Poareo, the Science DAO is a decentralised think tank as well as an incubator engine and accelerator platform that aims to empower inventors, entrepreneurs, and institutions to collaborate and make informed investments in the vast world of technologies. 

Using the Science DAO, Poareo wants to encourage investing in science by allowing not just institutional but also retail investors to come together and be part of transformative inventions that are integral for humanity’s betterment.

Owners of the Science DAO tokens will have voting rights in upcoming emerging technologies. The token will act as the platform’s governance token, and each token will be counted as one vote. 

Finally, the Science DAO aims to support science projects right from the early stages and far beyond their launch. In the Science DAO, the projects will be funded through digital assets and non-digital asset communities.


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