Terra Luna suffers an 18% loss in 24hours



Terra Luna was born out of the need for market stability in the crypto market.
Luna’s value has seen an 18% decrease during the last 24 hours, a 50% drop from the all time high of $103.3400 on December 27.
Price expected to bottom out at around $25, close the day at $33.

Terra platform was created in 2018 by Daniel Shin and Do Kwon. The pair’s motivation was a novel digital currency which would fit the current economy’s elasticity. Terra was conceived to be both stable-priced and driven by growth to attain price stability through a variable money supply, powered by unchanging mining enticements.

Terra is an algorithmic-based, decentralized, and investor profit sharing style stablecoin-generating system and platform comprising several stablecoins ($UST) and the native token Luna. Currently, Terra is among the top 10 cryptocurrencies with impressive numbers.

It has a market cap of $19,286,510,087 24, hourly trading volume of $3,007,537,766, fully diluted valuation of $48,152,817,826, circulating supply of 400,527,133, total supply of 818,249,192 and maximum supply of 1,000,000,000.

Source – TradingView

The utility coins mint UST token and staked on the Luna supply. When a lot of the tokens are staked and it offsets the token supply, it doesn’t take a lot of people unstaking the market and turning it fearful causing more people to unstake.

Secondly, it is their savings account protocol that is paying 19.5% APY interest. The high payout rate has seen deposit amounts to the Anchor protocol increasing exponentially quicker than the amount that is being borrowed. This broadening rift negatively affects the yield reserves.

After having gone through an impulsive move up until mid-December 2021, a massive sell off saw a price drop before overshooting to the all-time high of $103.3400 on December 27. Since then the coin has started a correction trend with a 50%+ drop in price, 30% down in the last week, and an 18% drop within the last 24 hours expected to end the day at around $33.

Renowned traders are expecting the low price to max out at around $25 before an upward trend resumes. Increased borrowing, an injection of capital into yield reserves, and a rise in Bitcoin price are expected to see the price of Luna among other coins rise fueled by investor confidence.


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