Saga Reveals Massive Airdrop With Ethereum, Solana, and Avalanche Projects



Gaming-focused layer-1 blockchain Saga has announced an airdrop campaign so huge, the team is calling it: Power-Level Over 9000! It’s a “Dragon Ball Z” reference that spawned a memorable internet meme, and now it’s conveying the scale of this sizable rewards push.

In partnership with over 100—not quite 9,000—projects and games across various blockchain networks, users who stake their SAGA tokens will be eligible for bundles of token and NFT airdrops “over the coming months,” the announcement says. 

Each airdrop is grouped in “vaults” that feature multiple projects giving out various prizes. Notable games across various chains, such as Avalanche first-person shooter Shrapnel, Ethereum metaverse game The Sandbox, and Ethereum racing game Wilder World are all involved in the campaign, with more to be announced. 

“At Saga, we take immense pride in fostering collaboration and unity within the Web3 gaming community,” Saga said in the announcement, “With partners hailing from diverse ecosystems, including Ethereum, Solana, Cosmos, Polygon, and Avalanche, our airdrop campaign serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to bringing the Web3 gaming community together.”

While there are projects outside of the Saga ecosystem participating in this event, the “majority” of drops will come from “chainlets” that use the Saga network.

Saga is a layer-1 network that enables developers to launch their own layer-1 chains, instead of deploying projects on the Saga mainnet. The chains that developers launch are called chainlets and can support other chainlets within the Saga network.

The fresh-faced layer-1 network made a name for itself with its previous airdrop campaigns, which led to a record-breaking $13.4 billion staked on Binance to earn SAGA token rewards. 

Last week, Saga launched its mainnet alongside its token listing on major cryptocurrency exchange Binance. This new airdrop campaign is its first big marketing push now that the token is live.

Edited by Andrew Hayward

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