ReelStar leverages Polygon and Binance to launch REELT token



ReelStar, an app that integrates live streaming, peer-to-peer chat, video sharing, audio and video calling, an NFT marketplace, and NFT minting within a unique Digital Wallet, has launched its Initial Token Offering for REELT, its utility token, Coin Journal learned from a press release. 

The so-called ‘everything app’ was developed from scratch on a decentralized Web3 multi-blockchain platform. 

It enables all users to hold its tokens safely and securely, use them to pay for discounted goods and services within the network, or exchange them for fiat or other cryptos.

Democratizing global access to Web3 and metaverse  

REELT supports and enables the app’s revolutionary vision to democratize global access to the metaverse, Web3, and other technologies of the future from within a single app. 

ReelStar enables people without a technical or financial background to benefit from potentially unlimited opportunities to make a profit within the app.

This is possible thanks to its strong focus on user experience and community, its deep expertise in crypto, and its highly qualified global management team. 

Benefits of participating in the Reel Token crowdsale

 Users with expertise in crypto value drivers and tokenomics can avail themselves of the exciting rewards and opportunities in participating in the ReelToken ITO. A discount on the ReelToken price is an additional advantage. 

The total supply of the ReelToken is 15 billion, set based on fundamental economic and financial principles and theories to make sure REELT will have ongoing value, integrity, and utility.

Incorporating Smart Contract functionality  

ReelToken uses the Smart Contract feature of Polygon and Binance to add tailored Smart Contract functionality to its product. 

Utility token crafted to power global industries 

Reel Crypto created the REELT utility token to power the Reel Star ecosystem and app, designed to inspire and revolutionize the global media, video, and entertainment industry.


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