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While NFTs continue to grow and consume the crypto space across social media and among influencers.It’s easy to assume that it’s a rich person’s game. Contrary to that assumption, there’s still space for everybody (and anybody) to get involved. As trends continue to emerge and evolve in the cryptocurrency and NFT arenas, play-to-earn NFT technology is a recent breakthrough and on the rise.

The concept of playing games to earn your share of an NFT or NFT collection isn’t totally new. Play-to-win style games have been around for centuries. But when applied to the NFT space, investors have an opportunity to earn their place in modern technology of the digital age while making a profit. This is through the help of a unique ranking system.

The value of NFTs

Like any investment, the goal of the investor is to see an increase in value. NFTs are no different, and in fact, they tend to inflate with a much larger return on investment compared to traditional savings accounts, high-value stocks, and even certain cryptocurrencies. Why? Non-fungible tokens (or NFTs) are a digital way to claim your ownership in something special. As companies like Facebook and Microsoft dive deeper into the digital age, expanding technologies and advancing towards a more tech-oriented future, experienced investors and even newbie investors are flocking to NFTs, increasing their value, driving up demand, and pushing the boundaries of how and where this technology can be used.

By getting involved during what’s still considered to be the early stages of NFT growth and income opportunities, investors can quickly become experts in the space and adopt technology as it continues to be introduced. These early adopters, regardless of experience or investment size, will reap the benefits of their NFT investments more than anybody else.

Benefits of NFT investment

We’ve already talked about the opportunity for value growth when investing in NFTs. There’s opportunities for big payouts, and it starts with investing your time to learn more about the tech, logistics, what’s available, and how to get started. Once you’re ready to invest, the benefits are limitless. As we’ve already mentioned, technology in this space is evolving at light speeds, meaning that the sooner you start, the sooner you can start reaping the benefits of your investment.

Opportunity for big payouts – this one speaks for itself.Be a part of something bigger – as NFT collections drop and opportunities are introduced, you have a chance to invest in a movement that has meaning. Stake your claim in the metaverse sand and take pride in being an early adopter of something big.Get excited for the possibilities – who is to say what NFT owners will be able to access in the future? Being an NFT owner will key you into upcoming trends and new tech first.Own something unique – the very nature of NFTs implies that every owner is the only owner of something incredibly unique. Whether it’s digital art, a single frame from your favorite movie, or a sound byte of something special, you can pride yourself on being the one and only owner. This exclusivity is highly appealing for many.Easy to resell and trade – because it all happens in the digital realm, you can easily purchase, sell, and trade NFTs within the marketplace.

Call Of Meta is one of many ways you can play to earn an NFT, but we’re confident that we’re also the most fun. The amount of time and effort that has gone into creating a seamless and stunning experience for interested gamers and investors is unmatched, and with nearly 10,000 opportunities to get involved, we’re building an empire strong enough to take over the metaverse.

Call of Meta innovates the blockchain gaming industry with its goal to maximize the NFT value creation. The combination of the monetization model for players and NFT holders (sponsors) and technological advancements developed by partner e-gaming company are projected to shape the industry’s future. Victories in Call of Meta tournaments and battles in most popular war games increase the player’s rankings, which increases the value of the NFT warrior. Investors and gamers can now sell the NFT while making a shareable profit or play another round.

Aside from the fact that we plan to take over the metaverse with an army of badass ape fighters and their loyal investors, there are quite a few reasons Call Of Meta deserves your attention:

RarityWith only 9,770 ape warriors available, you’ll be getting a one-of-a-kind NFT equipped with unique fighting capabilities, accessories, uniforms, weapons, and more.Investment SignificanceAs NFTs continue to grow in popularity, so does their investment opportunity. You can project rapid value growth and merger opportunities from day one. Earlybird investors will enjoy a lifetime earnings program.Engaging CommunityWhen you acquire your fighter, you’re immediately in our unit. You can participate in exclusive events, raffles, and giveaways within our metaverse.RewardsWe couldn’t do what we do without our supporters, and we thank them by offering frequent giveaways and rewards. When you join our tribe, you’re able to vote, share your voice, and benefit in unique ways.Unique Ranking SystemWe strive to reward our holders for their commitment and engagement. So why you join us, you get way more than just a mighty ape warrior. Exclusive holders get guaranteed access to future battles and tournaments. Our ranking system rewards victories earned out of the metaverse, too.

Interested in getting your (virtual) hands on one of their incredible ape warriors? You can join their whitelist to get started, and don’t forget to join them on Discord for more content, answers to your questions, and to chat with them about all things NFTs.


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