Pi Network introduces cross-chain bridge



A New Zealand team of developers recently introduced the Pi Network community to a brand-new concept, the blockchain bridge. 

The project is called PiBridge and targets developing a linking gateway between Pi and other networks, beginning with Binance Smart Chain, one of the most popular ones. The bridge will launch sometime in September according to a press release. 

A trustless gateway 

The trustless gateway Pibridge eliminates the barrier between the Pi network blockchain and others, rendering Pi approachable and accessible to the public by offering Pi users a new transparent and permissionless financial tool. 

The Pi Bridge will enable Pi holders to move between networks freely and allow data to flow.

Benefits of blockchain bridges

Among the pluses of blockchain bridges is the ability to access farming and staking, ecommerce, fundraising, lending, crypto exchange, and other platform features. 

The app simulates a mining process according to the Pi core team (PCT) during the project’s beta stage. Once the Pi Mainnet is launched, users will be able to take part in block validation and will be rewarded in Pi tokens. 

With that launch, users will be able to spend Pi tokens. A number of marketplaces will soon begin to accept payments in Pi tokens.

About Pi Network 

Pi Network was created by a team of Stanford University graduates in 2018 to make access to cryptocurrency easier for the public. It is easy to mine Pi crypto. 

You can do it on any mobile or desktop device without having to consume mass energy or equip powerful computers. Participants in the network can mine Pi on their phones, refer new members, run a node on PCs, and more. 

As of 2022, Pi Network had a 35-million strong community of active users, most of whom mine the native token on their phones. 


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