Dogelon Mars – just like other meme coins – has seen great gains over the last few months, and obviously many of the investors are fans of Elon Musk! But what impact did Elon Musk really have on the rise of these coins?

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His impact on meme coins

Over the last year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been vocal in his support for the dog-themed cryptocurrency ‘Dogecoin,’ which he has promoted through a series of Twitter posts. His tweets have not only raised awareness of the cryptocurrency all across the world, but they have also prompted investors to purchase additional Dogecoins.

In fact, Musk has stated that he would like to see Dogecoin become the “currency of the internet.” He has stated that ‘crypto whales’ that hold big stockpiles of Dogecoin are preventing it from becoming a mainstream currency, and he has stated that he will buy out major Dogecoin holders if necessary.

Over the last year, Elon Musk has been actively promoting Dogecoin and mobilizing support for it. Every time he tweets about Dogecoin, the value of the cryptocurrency rises. This phenomenon is referred to as “The Musk Effect” on the internet. Following Musk’s cryptic tweet, “Doge barking at the moon,” the value of Dogecoin jumped to $0.45 earlier this year.

A selection of his Dogecoin tweets that gained widespread notice and resulted in the cryptocurrency’s price rising are shown below.

The popularity of new meme coins

Apart from that, the communities around the Doge, Shiba, and ELON coins are among the most devoted and active in the whole cryptoverse.

Furthermore, each of the meme-inspired cryptocurrencies listed in this article is exceedingly affordable — Doge is less than $0.22 a unit, while the others, such as ELON, are each less than $0.002 per token.

Elon’s impact on Dogelon Mars

As you are aware, Dogelon Mars, in particular, will be deployed in April 2021. According to its description, it is a fork of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency with an entirely new objective. In the long run, it hopes to serve as an interplanetary currency, with which individuals on Earth, for example, may pay for their flights to Mars or other worlds.

Dogelon Mars has also portrayed itself as a ray of hope for those who have been victimized by cryptocurrency frauds, which has shattered public faith in the sector. The Dogelon Mars team has said that investors who have been duped into investing in other cryptocurrency projects may be eligible to receive ELON token donations to help them recover their losses.

Dogelon Mars has also attracted the attention of Elon Musk.

As seen by his tweets, he clearly bears the primary credit for the significant price rise ELON has experienced!

However, when it comes to Dogelon Mars, things aren’t standing still at all!

Bitrise coin, a cryptocurrency that is still in its early stages, has reported that more members of the Dogelon Mars community are joining it on a daily basis. The currency, which has been in circulation for four months since its introduction on July 28, 2021, is working on the development of the Project DeFi protocol on the Binance Smart Chain.

The price of Dogelon Mars has been steadily declining over the previous month.

This is why many members of the cryptocurrency community, including Dogelon Mars, continue to purchase Bitrise coins.

Earlier this month, Bitrise unveiled its 2022 plan. Such rapid progress is garnering the attention of cryptocurrency investors, especially members of the Dogelon Mars community.

Another factor contributing to the substantial surge in the number of Dogelon Mars currencies joining Bitrise.

The tokenomics of Bitrise also compensates investors for just holding onto their tokens. Dogelon Mars is likewise interested in receiving a portion of this stagnant income.

These are just a few of the things that have drawn members of the Dogelon Mars community to the Bitrise cryptocurrency.

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