Doge-Themed Meme Coins Like Floki Inu and Dogelon Mars Could Continue Riding the Uptober Wave. Can Big Eyes Coin Finish The Next Stage With $10 Million?



Although the time of Utpober is almost over, this does not mean that the fun will not extend beyond historically the most successful month of crypto. While some could say that this is a farfetched claim, a few forces in play could influence the current market trajectory, dragging the industry from the bear claws.

Join me in today’s editorial, where we will see why dog-themed meme coins like Flokin Inu and Dogelon Mars are still trending within the crypto community and what the future holds for another daring meme token, Big Eyes Coin, which almost wrapped up its 6th stage of presale with $9 million in the bank. Let’s dig in.

Floki Inu: The People’s Cryptocurrency

Floki Inu is a type of token that heavily relies on the community as it positions itself primarily as a meme coin. Drawing inspiration from Scandinavian folklore, this project carefully balances the community’s hype around dog-themed projects while harnessing some of the juiciest cryptos sales propositions to ensure that its loyal fanbase stays afloat.

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Among the upcoming developments is an NFT marketplace featuring a-level mechanics on the blockchain, a soon-to-launch NFT merchandise store and a crypto-educational platform, Floki University, tailored to every level of cryptocurrency expertise. A project that trusts its community with its heart has a lot under its hood, indicating a prosperous future for its HODLers beyond Uptober.

Dogelon Mars: To The Moon And Back

While Dogelon Mars would look like a wild card, think twice before you make this judgement, as this meme coin could continue its upward trend, albeit the market has to bounce first. However, even if the crypto winter will not be over soon, this meme coin has a couple of aces up its sleeve to ensure that the community remains its most loyal asset.

Namely, a comic features Dogelon Mars as he explores the universe’s greatest mystery, seeking to colonise planets. And while its token price is far from its ATH position, the news about Elon Musk purchasing Twitter could give the necessary drive for the token to begin its rally even if the current market conditions remain dormant.

Big Eyes Coin: A Cat Nation Challenges Dog-Themed Narrative

While the pack of dog coins has been spiking up and down, mimicking the market’s trajectory, the Big Eyes Coin project has been smashing its presale stages faster than a knife cuts butter. Jokes aside, though, this project is doing incredibly well for a token initially conceived just as a meme coin, but after it received overwhelming support from the community, Big Eyes went BIG on its services. At the time of writing, the project roadmap introduced two of the upcoming key developments.

The Big Eyes NFT marketplace will arrive soon after the presale is over, along with the Big Swap for swapping and transferring DeFi tokens. With all these cool features, this project led by the Cat Nation has the potential to enter the meme coin elite in no time. If you think it resonated with you, here is a promo code BIG757 to win some free tokens when you purchase the project’s native token, BIG.

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