Bitcoin ATM Company Adds Dogecoin to Machines


BTMs are populating the U.S.A, and fast. Plus, they are adding more cryptocurrencies as they go. This time, Dogecoin have hit the mainstream. Which is nice work for a coin that was originally meant to be a memecoin.  

Bitcoin of America is a digital currency exchange. They currently have 1500+ Bitcoin ATMs (BTMs) across the U.S.

During 2021, the company experienced rapid growth, saying they have seen a 153.968% increase in Bitcoin ATM locations. And, in a year, staff numbers grew over 32%. And, they have made “a ton of updates to their Bitcoin ATMS.”

For example, Ethereum is now available to buy and sell at their ATM locations.

Get your beef jerky and your Dogecoin at the same time

BTMs: Universal Kiosk

Last May, the company introduced a Universal Kiosk. “The new universal kiosk combines the capabilities of a traditional ATM with a Bitcoin ATM and offers 3 main functions. The first is the traditional ATM feature where customers can dispense cash from a debit card. The second function is being able to buy cryptocurrency with cash. The last is that customers can sell crypto in return for cash.”

Most of their Bitcoin ATMS are open 24/7 days a week. Which is great if it is 3am, you are full of beer, and you need two large pizzas for 10,000 bitcoins… or something like that.

Dogecoin becomes the real deal

In the company’s most recent news, they say that they have a new addition to their Bitcoin ATM machines. Dogecoin is now available. The company said they recognized the growing popularity of Dogecoin and decided it was time to include it in their BTMs.

After all, Dogecoin is the most talked about cryptocurrency on social media after Bitcoin.

The company also offer Bitcoin and Litecoin options at their BTM locations.

For those in the U.S. to find a BTM you can put your location into their web address and find your nearest machine. The company have tried to put them in high traffic areas where people are doing their shopping and getting fuel anyway.

Bitcoin of America also wants to get outlet owners on board. “We offer a host program for store owners who are interested in cryptocurrency or are just looking to earn extra income. Bitcoin of America takes care of their host locations by providing them with passive income, increased foot traffic, and marketing. They even handle customer support and any maintenance/installation services.”

BTMs and Georgia Tech’s Michael Devoe

Bitcoin of America has recently roped in Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket’s Michael Devoe to promote cryptocurrency and the BTMs. Devoe is a senior at Georgia Tech, majoring in Business Administration. Known for being a top-of-the-line shooting guard on the Yellow Jackets, he said via Instagram that he would be promoting the BTMs. “I’m super excited and honored to be joining the Bitcoin of America team! I’ve always been intrigued by the crypto space, and this is the perfect setup since they’re my go-to crypto exchange.”

BTMs and michael devoe
Michael Devoe in Front of Bitcoin of America BTM

Devoe is just one of the athletes that Bitcoin of America works with to bring cryptocurrency to the mainstream. Last year, Bitcoin of America also sponsored The Chicago Blackhawks post-game show. The hope is that the connection between the sports and cryptocurrency industry will attract a new demographic.

The BTM company has also offered a new service to potential users to learn how to use the machine. “The teller locations offer a face-to-face purchasing experience, which is uncommon. This means that customers can go in and ask questions regarding their purchase. All merchants are trained and ready to assist.”

Looks like soon these things will be everywhere. Let’s hope they don’t become sentient and take over.

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