2022 Dogelon Mars Cicero Chronicles


Go to my Twitter @GirlTalkStocks to see the Very last tweet Cicero tweeted!Cicero Chronicles has started our 2022 year out right! He/She messaged us on January 2nd telling us this, “it’s all going to be jade green!” How do they know? Who is Cicero?! So much has unfolded with these cryptic tweets in the past we can Not ignore these chronicles. Not many have the privilege of knowing these findings. Some that do know, want to continue stuffing their bags before it all comes to light and mainstream. I mean, can you blame them??? I don’t. But the knowledge is there, and Cicero does want it to be found so here we are uncovering the truth behind this coin. So much mystery and fine detailed connection of dots its mind blowing how much Cicero knows. Do your own research and many of these messages will make sense. Elon Musk IS connected to this coin. No doubt about the connection in my mind. As our #dogelonmars community grows, so does our knowledge of crypto. A new dawn of crypto is upon us. Enjoy the ride, “timing is everything.”

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